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strike.... we ask the chief negotiator, what about that conflict of interest? still no progress in the negotiations to try to prevent a bart strike. we asked the chief negotiator, what about that conflict of interest? >> there's nothing that i can tell you. [ laughter ] >> a house of horrors. an example of how hot the bay area housing market is. a home with a very dark past sells way above asking. >> and how world war ii is delaying a construction project for a bay area sports team. a big sigh of relief tonight. of a man caught on camera in a brutal attack is now behind bars. it's hard to watch, but if the video didn't go viral, the attacker might have walked away scott free. >> reporter: the police chief announced the arrest at a community meeting in the castro. >> it was just a horrific,
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completely after the fact, malicious kick to the head of a poor woman on the ground. >> reporter: christopher porter bailey of oakland was a man caught on video savagely attacking a robbery victim. it happened pride weekend, saturday june 29th just outside mint karaoke on market. the robbers took a woman's purse and for no reason quicked her right in the -- kicked her right in the face. immediately after the crime, police arrested two other people. another man was also arrested, but those charges were dropped. the cops say the group robbed several people that night in a crime spree along market. it took police until last friday to track down porter bailey and arrest him with the help of oakland police. the surveillance video was instrumental in catching him. >> we got a lot of public help, we got a lot of help from some sources i can't really speak to. but they were shocked by the video. >> we got help from other
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quarter. >> reporter: captain bob moser tells me his investigators are telling him the cops know porter bailey already because he was involved in a fight two years ago, also during pride weekend. the captain says there is no indication the group was targeting people because they're gay, no evidence of a hate crime. new revelations tonight in the case of the three women held hostage for years. amand they -- they kept diaries of their torment. in each case, castro offered them a ride, and then detoured to his home. inside they were chained up and raped repeatedly. if he wanted to punish them, he kept them in the cold basement or in the sweatering attic -- sweltering
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attic. he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. it's been nearly three weeks since daphne webb disappeared, but her family is it still staying strong. ♪ ♪ [ singing ] ♪ ♪ why should i feel -- discouraged? ♪ >> tonight they hosted a candlelight vigil and hope that someone who knows something will come forward. they have set up a website,, and they are combing different neighborhoods every week. once the scene of a brutal mass murder, now a house hunter's dream home. five people were murdered last year inside 16 house street in san francisco. the house was a mess because police say the suspects splattered the bodies with white paint and bleach. it's all
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cleaned up now, with new paint, floors and decor. the home has a whole new identity. and new owners who are aware of its violent past. they paid $720,000, $300,000 more than what it sold for in foreclosure three months ago. >> we have been informed about everything since the beginning. it's really nice. a really nice home. there's no ghosts. >> the new owners say they do get funny looks from neighbors but assure everyone they are sleeping well. four days and a lot of talking. that's the only thing standing between us and another bart strike. workers and management have until sunday night to strike a deal. kristen, should we start prepping for plan b? >> reporter: the unions are actually saying at this point, it's important for people to be prepared for a strike.
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tonight, bart's chief negotiator spoke to us. he has been a lightning rod from the very beginning. he's been slammed for taking a vacation during bart negotiations, and recently he's been accused of a conflict of interests. we got a chance to talk to him tonight, and as he left the bargaining table, they only supported a small amount of money from the strike and defended his right to go on vacation. >> those days, we were not scheduled to meet. she had days scheduled monday and tuesday with the union. but there were no days originally scheduled with us for the week. >> what about the charges that you had a conflict of interest with the transportation company? >> i don't know anything about that. >> made five$500 during the strike? >> that's not a lot of money. >> it's still money. >> come on. let's be real. >> it's the principle of the thing, right? >> that's not how you want to
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look at it, i guess. >> there was no conflict of interest? >> with that question, there was not. >> reporter: the bart board on the other hand is still reviewing whether he had a conflict of interest because the company he worked for did profit from the bart strike. tonight the union rep came out a short time ago and told us again there was no significant movement on any of the major issues like wages. >> the unions have 24 hours before they have to give the 72 hour notice of their intent to strike. how critical is tomorrow in these negotiations? >> reporter: this has got to be the most critical day in the past month. they'll have to announce at midnight whether they are giving 72 hours notice for a strike. and? the meantime, there's -- and in the meantime, there's going to be a rally downtown. so they're still trying to garner support. what can everyday riders
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do? not much. if the two sides can't agree by sunday, an outside judge cannot come in because california is a collective bargaining state. bart reps say conserving the governor for -- asking the governor for another cooling off period would kick the can down the road. >> they're caught in the middle. and that's unfortunate, and that's why we're working so hard so we can keep the trains running far into the future. >> the transportation commission has about $20 million that could be used to hire more buses. but they say it would be a bad investment because it stands to lose a lot of money if the strike gets settled quickly. the san francisco bay ferry is among the transit agencies preparing for the strike. it plans to operate 13 boats and add earlier and later departure times. there will also be an additional arrival and departure dock at the golden gate ferry building. during the first strike, ferries carried about
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18,000 riders a day. if you are starting to make alternate plans, we can help. check out our survival guide at a lot of digging underway in the south bay as the san jose earthquakes anxiously await a new soccer field. each time the shovel comes out, a little bit of history gets unearthed. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a quick and dirty demolition job. break up and scoop up concrete slabs and be done in six weeks. upon >> were you shocked? >> absolutely. >> the size of the structures, nobody ever would have anticipated. >> reporter: instead they found the ghosts of silicon valley's past. a total of 70 reenforced concrete vaults that likely served as bomb shelters. there were 200 pilings dug 60 feet into the ground. they were so deep, crews just snapped them off halfway. and then mystery objects that looked like ammunition. a weapons expert was called. >> they discovered it was not
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unexploded mun igzs. >> reporter: what was it then? >> they were never able to tell us. >> reporter: next they dug up pines with asbestos, and all that digging put them below the water table. so the holes flooded. this one was the size of an olympic swimming pool. >> so you promise no more surprises? >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the extra cleanup cost 3/4 of a million dollars or 1% of the $60 million price tag and has delayed the opening by a few months. >> i know people have waited so long, and i know there's a lot of frustration at times that it's taken this long to get this done. but i think in the end of the day when we open this venue, it's going to be a truly world-class stadium, and one that people can be very proud of. >> reporter: the original opening date was the beginning of the season in march. now that's been pushed back to the halfway point of the season. sometime in the middle of
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summer, 2014. the government's snooping system far more invasive than we first thought. >> energy drinks, are they or are they not good for your kids? the grilling beverage makers got from lawmakers. >> oj simpson gets parole with a catch. what the board is still squeezing out of the juice before he can go free. >> 91 in vacaville, 65 in berkeley. but everybody was sunnier with less haze in the sky. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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parole commissioners granted simpson parole on some chars stemming from his 2008 oj simpson is one step closer to being a free man. the commissioners granted him parole on some of the charges stemming from his 2008 convictions. but he still faces at least four more years in prison on the other charges.
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former nsa contractor edward snowden first leaked classified documents to the media. now the u.s. government says those materials don't need to be secret anymore. national intelligence authorities declassified some of that information today and included the order that required verizon to turn over millions of phone records. meanwhile, senatorses questioned top officials -- senators questioned top officials about the nsa's surveillance powers. >> i believe based on what i have seen that we would place this nation in jeopardy if we eliminated these two programs. >> intelligence officials argue the programs are crucial to national security and that they prevented terrorist attacks. but opponents say the programs cross the line. if you're upset the government may have snooped your phone record, it gets worse. sharon chin tells us about a
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program called x keyscore. >> reporter: the u.s. government can vacuum up information on nearly everything you do on the internet as you're doing it. the secret program called x keyscore detailed in these classified nsa documents apparently leaked by edward snowden. >> they have multiple ways to get at all your information, phones, e-mail, your web browsing. >> reporter: mark klein blew the whistle on the nsa several years ago for mining e-mail records through at&t's san francisco office. and today with the new technology? >> they could store a whole dossier on everybody in the country going back years. that's pretty frightening. >> reporter: government surveillance versus privacy took center stage at a talk tonight in oakland. x keyscore had a massive infrastructure with hundreds of servers around the world. intelligence officials don't even need your e-mail address to monitor your online
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activity. sidney cohen says it is illegal for the government to monitor americans without a warrant. >> the government gets access first and proves you did something wrong second. it's not supposed to be that way. >> reporter: some users say it's not a big deal. >> it's not like i'm concerned that, oh, they're going to look at me. if they do, that's fine. >> reporter: if those who don't want the government watching, there is encryption that can protect you. >> you have that little lock icon in your browser, and so there's no evidence that the nsa to break this encryption. >> reporter: he says google and microsoft have the encryption, but yahoo does not. >> we first heard about a program called prism. what's the difference? >> reporter: that's when they
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target specific dumbs to get information on certain foreign terror suspects. keyscore is a lot wider in scope. students getting ready to head back to school this fall can rest a little easier. congress just approved lower interest rates for student loans. once president obama signs that bill, undergraduates with government loans for this school year will have an interest rate of 3.86%. the house approved the bill today after rates spiked on april 1st. it's part airplane, part car. take a look at this. at about seven feet 7 feet wide, 19 feet long, this contraption shown off today at a wisconsin aviation show can fly you and a buddy. and when you land, you just fold in the wings and drive to your next destination. >> you drive it like a car. it's got a steer
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ing wheel, a gas pedal, and you fly it just like a little airplane. the stick comes off the floor, you've got rutter pedals. >> it is called the transition. and it cost are s $279,000. you need a pilot's license to operate it. but it runs on regular unleaded gas, gets up to 35 miles per hour. >> and it's the future mobile. >> isn't it gallons per mile? >> yeah, yeah . >> it's a transition. >> yes, it is. it's what's next. and weather-wise, another cloudy morning tomorrow. we'll take a peek over the city. bay bridge there. mostly cloudy skies outside. a cloudy foggy start once again. temperatures below normal once again.
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livermore, beautiful day. we're wrapping up july today. look at the rainfall totals. it's exactly normal! zero for livermore, san francisco, or san jose. it was a dry july. we will start august off on a dry note. mainly sunny skies by the afternoon. another day below normal but pleasant. 77 will be your high on friday. that'll be the one day you'll notice the difference in temperature. we'll be going from tomorrow to friday. otherwise we're in a holding pattern weather-wise. not much is going to be changing. onshore flow will be with us because of a low pressure system to the north. milder temperatures, more sunshine. but as soon as that moves out over the weekend, a new area of low pressure moves in just off to the west. so temperatures will remain a few degrees below normal for each of the next seven days.
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the morning clouds, fog, but also the afternoon sunshine. the temperatures will be pretty pleasant. no heat waves to talk about. and the fire danger is kept down. livermore tomorrow, 81. san jose 75. hayward, your high is 68. san ramon, pleasant pleasanton, low 80s. downtown san francisco 64. farther to the north, clear lake, a high of 92 degrees tomorrow. you see that bump in temperature? once we get to friday, we level off. we will hold that pattern through the middle of next week. long-range, i don't see an end to the onshore flow. so we'll be warm but not hot. >> flowing. >> still flow ing, yes. >> we've gotten used to it. [ laughter ] next, the common grocery item causing hundreds of people to become violently ill in several states.
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kids. lawmakers want to kn for them. a war on energy drinks has only just begun. at stake: your kid s. s. lawmakers. to know if the drinks are bad for them. redbull and rockstar were the focus of a hearing today on capitol hill. makers are accused of targeting kids in their ads despite the potential health risks. >> we don't believe there are
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any concerns about our product being drunk by that demographic. >> caffeine in combination with other stimulant ingredients is what makes these drinks a grave concern. >> last month, the american medical association voted to ban the marketing of energy drinks to kids and teens under 18. but that's just a recommendation. the companies can ignore it. health officials are zeroing in on what's making hundreds of people sick. nearly 400 people in 15 states have reported food poisoning symptoms. it's caused by a parasite called cyclospora. they traced the source to bagged salad. while a specific brand hasn't been named, officials say the salad mix is no longer being solid in those states. >> the illness will start several days after you have
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ingested the contaminated food. you can have abdominal cramps, nausea. >> the best thing to do, wash your fruits and veggies as well as your hands, utensils, and any kitchen surfaces before and after you prepare a meal. can the suns save the a's at the coliseum? ,, to prevent extensive damage in an earthquake, concrete style piles have been driven 300 feet below the route of the new span. 20 hinge pipe beams. they might be damaged, but the adjoining segments should survive. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet.
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yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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who are can play in my lineup against the a's? they took the lead when vogue couldn't hold onto a baseball. then came the fun in the sun! stogard popped it up, and r.a. dickey collide. they tie the game at 2. 4 errors for toronto. tied in the 10th, batista down the line off chavez. the a's drop 2-3 to toronto. they called up brett pill and roger kesh nearby yesterday. pill scores to make it 4-0. 8-1 giants, pill had
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4 rbis, and the giants win 9-2. a pill solves the problem. >> a win! [ laughter ] ,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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,,,, [phone rings] >> you gonna answer that, kev? [phone rings] >> right. thanks. dunder mifflin. this is kevin. please hold while i transfer you. oscar, your mom. >> charles is having kevin cover the phones for a while.

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